Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Last Ever After ( The School For Good and Evil #3) by Soman Chainani

Let me tell you that this book starts in an amazing way: Have you ever wondered what happens after a supposedly "happy ever after"?
Well look no further, this story's beginning definitely focus on that part of Agatha and Tedros story.
Is it all flowers and fluffy kittens?
Well... no.
After all Agatha does live in a cemetery and her cat that bald and wrinkly thing has very specific tastes: He's not a fan of princesses and princes -_-

So once again the author picks up in a bunch of stereotypes and gives them a swift kick in the head.
It's great! ;)

By now you're probably wondering if I found this part so great, why did I gave it only a three star rating...
And it gets being long, by constantly undermining all that is happening. It got frustrating. It got tiresome.
By the middle of the thing I was ranting with the book: there was a couple of dozens of pages... strike that, make that two/ three hundred pages that should have been cut!
Longer isn't better, when you start getting annoyed by the constant back and forward sentimental activity  messing with your feelings that the author introduced here. There were times I felt I was reading a New Adult novel with a very twisted love triangle. Argh.

The introduction of the "old" fairy tale characters was a good point: the interaction between our new heroes and the others provided some comic realief... exception made to the moments that were heartbreaking.

I liked that once again the author made sure to spread a lot of positive messages throughout the whole story:
_ No to body shaming.
_Yes to friendship.

The biggest problem for me and the reason why this gets only a three star, is that despite all the positive messages that this has, I cannot help ignore, that the main subject of the book, the relationship between Agatha, Sophie and Tedros ended up being a big mess. Especially when it comes to Sophie's part. After all that she had been through, I was expecting more from her: More growth, less idiocy.
What she does to her "friends" is not something a friend would do. And if that could be explained by where she ends up by the end of the story, I was never fully convinced of what ends up happening.

As for other positives, there was this twist, that I never saw coming, and that I loved.
Really well done, that.

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