Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Sweetest Chase ( Heart of The Storm #2 ) by Sharla Lovelace

Arc provided by Montlake Romance through Netgalley

Release Date: February 23 rd

I really don't know what went through my mind to make me request this.
Yes, there's the cover that strangely pulled me in...
Also the vague similarities with the film Twister could have something to do with it...

And okay, I had already read a novella by the author, and I had liked it.

The thing is, I knew by that synopsis that this story could be tricky: a woman about to get married, but who feels something about her best friend.

It could be awesome. Or it could be a disaster -_- (highlight to read)  if there was cheating.

First of all, it would have been NICE to know that this was the second book in a series.

Yes, you can read it without having read the first one. That's what I had to do, right?
The thing is that there's so many characters "running around" on most of the scenes, that I just couldn't get a clear idea on them all. Besides them all being BEAUTIFUL.

Then, there's the important stuff:

_ The Main characters: Quinn and Simon.

Quinn, who in my head goes by "Barbie Adventure" -_- was the worst excuse for a female leading character I've encountered in a long time.

. She's thirty years old, engaged to be marry in a month_ they have been dating for three years? now _ to a guy who belongs to the same social circles that she does (up-class of course)... although the reader will have no idea WHY they're still together, because they don't share anything in common besides the blueness of their blood...oh, and their blondness.

. She's of course beautiful. With long legs and long blond hair that she actually HATES, but which she can't cut off because mummy and fiancée wont like it .... *snort*

.The mummy dearest has hijacked the wedding of her dreams ( outside... with you know, pork ribs and daisies ) and she's *okay* with it, because the same happened with her sister. You go, girl! Way to stand up for yourself.

So throughout most of the book we have to deal with this woman who has no backbone in her. Who is supposed to adventurous and independent, but who in reality is just her mummy's girl.

She doesn't take responsibility for her acts and then she blames her friends: which means that she and Simon go from best buddies to two people attacking one another as if they were stupid teenagers.

I read every single page until a little over half and then I just skimmed it. I just couldn't take any more of them or of the boring reality show let's talk about your lives y'all until there's a good storm that they could chase.

I hate reality Big Brothers shows.

Definitely not my cup. 

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