Saturday, 6 February 2016

Act Like It by Lucy Parker

I LOVED this story so much!
I am so happy that I saw this book being discussed on Goodreads, because if not, I probably would never have read it. Also it helped that a couple of my bookish friends gave it high ratings :)
But what won me over (big time) was the Pride and Prejudice comparison : you see, Richard Troy aka, Mr. Darcy is such a sociable person when compared to me, really has a bit of a Darcy in him.
And who doesn't love a grouchy character falling helplessly in love?

From indifference to friendship, to head over heels love, these two were just the perfect couple to read about.
The writing was fluent and engaging, and the characters so well written, that immediately after I finished this, I went in search of more works from this author...

 This is the author's first book... 

So, Richard, who is a great actor has been having a little bit of a difficulty handling... the more social aspects of life: basically he has no patience for fools, and as a consequence his reputation is becoming a little damaged.
The play's director and the big shots who run the Theatre in which he is currently performing, are less than happy with this sudden development so they decide to try to give his reputation a face lift...
                                           Richard is not happy about it.

Enter Lainie Graham: Lainie is one of Richard's co-stars, not that you would know it from the way he basically ignores her existence.
As for her, she thinks he's a self absorbing prick. 

Lainie has just come out of a bad relationship, and she isn't exactly a doormat, but a combination of various elements, leads her to accept entering a fake relationship with Richard...

And the fun begins ;)
Honestly you guys, go read this: the dialogues are witty and intelligent, and the way their relationship grows is just swoon worthy.
The last pages are a little over the top (it may involve some eye rolling), but by then, you'll be totally hooked.
Definitely recommended.
And yes, I most definitely want to buy it in paperback: because it is that good.

Author's Official Site

Buy it!

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