Saturday, 6 February 2016

Love In The Light ( Hearts in Darkness, #2) by Laura Kaye

Between the over the top drama, angst, cheesiness, and the constant sex, I got tired of this pretty quickly.
Despite that, I did manage to finish it isn't it wonderful how fast e-readers let you skip pages? in the hopes that maybe the characters would start acting like real people, instead of sugared versions of themselves.
Yeah, right.
C'mon how many car accidents can you have in one novella?
Sure I felt sorry for Caden who is going through a phase of clinical depression, but, the constant "I am not worthy of her" got really depressing. Also, I cannot understand how someone with his background would be able to follow a profession so stressful for ten years, without proper medication. I just can't.
Maybe if there wasn't so much telling, the story would have been more tolerable to read, but as it was, I struggled constantly with the urge of Dnf it.
Definitely not my cup, unlike what happened with the first book.

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