Thursday, 3 March 2016

Exit Strategy (Nadia Stafford #1) by Kelley Armstrong

This story felt very unlike KA: the characters come out as undeveloped sketches ( instead of mysterious), and the pace was SLOW as f***. -_-
This has to be the most tedious thriller I have ever read... next to the story, "The Other Daughter".
I lost count to the number of times in which I simply lost track of what I had read, simply because everything was so Boring.
And slow. And uneventful.
Also I hate when characters are supposed to come out as badasses, and when push comes to shove they fail miserably.
What is it with books with female assassins these days?

Sure, Nadia isn't a Calaena (Nadia actually, you know, kills her targets), but even so things were a little complicated. ( I already mentioned how this story took way longer that it should have, right?)
It wasn't as if this needed more pages. What it needed was a severe trimming.
Then there's the guys...
One has the personality of a tree stump ( I am guessing Nadia will end up with him?) and the other is the human version of a ... Labrador retriever.
With green eyes. -_-

Will I be reading the next volume?
Ahhh... I don't know. A small part of me keeps insisting that this is KA's work we're talking, and that maybe in the second one things will pick up.
If I do, I'll probably wait a few weeks just so I can forget how bored I was with most of the story.

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