Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Maiden Thief by Melissa Marr

"The Maiden Thief" by Melissa Marr is a dark fantasy novelette about a teenager whose town is plagued by the annual disappearances of girls and young women. Her father blames her when one of her sisters is one of the taken."

  I went into this story without actually having read a synopsis: I just fell for the title and the cover, despite this being by Melissa Marr... I may have about three books of her "Wicked Lovely" series.
 I would have to check. That's how much I liked those...

So... "Maiden Thief"?
Great name for the title. Great haunting spooky minimalistic design.

I actually liked the beginning, and I was really curious about what was going to happen.
Unfortunately, my tolerance for this story wasn't destined to last beyond this line:

"We are not petty with each other, not short of temper or ill of manner,(..)Being with my sisters fills me with peace."

Great! That's what I was thinking by then! The girls, the sisters like one another and they respect each other. What more can a reader ask?

Just that this "sentiment" wouldn't follow:

"My sister smothers her gasp by slapping her hand to her mouth. It’s such a girlish gesture that I wonder how we’re related."

I just can't deal with this crap. These little offensive remarks that are supposed to separate our illustrious heroine from the rest of all "us women", because she is different.
When words like girlish and feminine are used as offensive remarks, my interest in a story pretty much fades.
Then it doesn't help that there isn't an actually developed story. For the type of retelling that this hopes to be Blue Beard what we are told, is just too little.

There's girls lying around in glass coffins alive... because of tubes? What is this? How? Why?
(highlight)  Give me a time period and stick to it. Parts of it feel Medieval, and then there's Doc Frankenstein?

Then there's "casual" raping, but then the guy gives her an orgasm, so our smart heroine decides to go with him. Because, she's that smart...and different from the others -_-

The last line is actually good, but the whole thing was just a mess for me.
And I am used to messy retellings.

Read it here!

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