Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi

Arc provided by St. Martins Griffin through Netgalley

Release Date: April 26th

I have very few doubts that this will be my favourite 2016 read. Call me realistic _ or pessimist _ but I doubt that any other book that I get my hands on, will compare itself to this. And I am counting on reading two Patricia A. Mckillip books.

Perfect balance of adventure, romance and character development as I've just only rarely read. And most importantly: the author is able to deliver this magnificent tale without resulting to clutter. There's no clutter in here! Every word that is used here is essential to the tale, allowing it to grow to amazing heights while painting astounding scenarios of wonders and heart-break.
Purple prose, you say?
I am in love! Deal with it! ;)

The plot?
 A wonderful plot  that vaguely reminds us of the more common aspects of Hades and Persephone. And I say vaguely because I don't want it to be sold short: You, guys, the folklore behind this tale is... WOW!
There's this mysterious palace whose doors open to all kinds of wonders... and sometimes nightmares. A place where time has its own time.
There is a glass garden made of wishes and ashes...and where memory trees exist.

The characters
Mayavati was is amazing! She is intelligent, brave and resourceful.
Her relationship with one of her half sisters was beautiful to read and it may have made me tear up towards the end.
But Maya isn't perfect aka Mary Sue, she makes mistakes and ends up paying dearly for them.
Luckily she'll have the most improbable ally of them all, namely, a blood thirsty horse named Kamala, who in my head comes of as a mix of that donkey from Shrek with Sherrilyn Kenyon's character Simi.You know that cute demon who eats demons hoofs with barbecue sauce?
Yeah, in my head Kamala and Simi are just BFF who go out on picnic's.

The love interest
Amar ( which in Portuguese means to love), okay, can we all just take  a few seconds to close our mouths?
Because, damn, he is pretty swoon worthy. And I am not even talking about his looks!
He respects Maya and he wants her to be all that she can be.

The Writing
OMG, the whole thing is like an ode to beautiful writing. Every word shines as a gem.
I was in Paradise! Had I been reading this in a paper format, I would just have to HUG this book non stop ( hugging your computer is just strange... I may sniff my books... but I don't hug computers.)

Maya and Amar moments were sizzling.
The plot was amazing.
The characters were amazing.
The setting was amazing.
Yes, everything was amazing. And I don't know what else is left for me to say.
So go on and read it!

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