Monday, 30 May 2016

Book and Flowers

I know I haven't been around lately all that much: I just can't seem to concentrate on what I am reading. Then there's the fact that my latest reads have been stuck on the two star ratings, so I've kind of started feeling like a Grinch: I hate everything (or I just get annoyed) that I pick up.
As such, I've stopped reading the arc that I was currently reading and decided to pick up one of my favourite books of last year, "Valiant".
At this point I can safely say that it is still one of my favourite books. *Thank author Sarah McGuire for having written such a good story*.
As to what I will be reading next, I don't know. April and May have been disasters when it comes to bookish goals, so I really hope that June will be better.
I miss that feeling of loving a story so deeply that one can't wait to pick it up once again.
Any recommendations guys of what I should start?

ps- As for the flowers, well I have been a little flower obsessed lately, so I just wanted to share a tiny piece of it with you :)
Happy Readings!

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