Thursday, 30 June 2016

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I don't think I've ever started so many books, all at the same time, only to not finish a single one of them ( or at least it's starting to look like it).
Yesterday, or better yet, today, it was four am in the morning _ my cat Fiona was snoring right next to me _ and I was trying to find something that I would like to read. I ended up reading a short by Patricia A. Mckillip, The Snow Queen.
I was that desperate to read something.

So, the books that I haven't managed to finish are:
The Better Part of Darkness (Charlie Madigan, #1) I wanted an urban fantasy series that was dark and gritty ( I must have bought it about three years ago), but as soon as I started reading, the main character starts drooling over her partner's looks ( her alien partner looks), over the body of a supposed dead girl. Ugh, priorities, please.
The Gracekeepers 
 This cover! It promised epicness! Instead I am left with something that tries to come out as the next "Night Circus", in the most vague dystopian setting ever: some people live on land, others live in the water on boats. Can we discuss the effects of sea pollution for awhile if most of world population lives in the water?
And then people are being buried in the sea, and as for gravestones they have cage with birds... birds who have been genetically modified to last a certain period of time. So that people won't grieve for too long. Yes that's right: the bird's life spam indicates the grief period...
This is so boring!

Little Red: An Everland Ever After Tale This one, I actually had to DNF it, because I couldn't deal with the amount of idiocy involved. The girl is an idiot. The wolf is a twirling moustache villain. The hunstman is always with a boner -_-
I just can't.

I think I am going to give the Grace Keepers another try, at least another chapter, and if the thing doesn't get better, I am done.

Some Kind of Happiness maybe it's because I am depressed. Maybe I shouldn't be reading books about people who are depressed, but in the past I've read a middle grade by this author and I liked it ( although I hated her ya novel). This one actually started good, but then idk, I guess it lost me.

 Oh, and I had forgotten all about this one:
Handbook for Dragon Slayers This is my third book by the author, and one of hers, "The Princess Curse" is actually a favourite book, so I was expecting a little more. (20% read)

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