Friday, 24 June 2016

Ella: An Everland Ever After Tale by Caroline Lee

First book in a new fairy tale series (and my first book from this author), and it left me sufficiently intrigued about future characters ( like, who was that "wannabe" godmother?), for me to give the second volume a try.

This one... well imagine Cinderella living in the wild west.
In a ranch. And she's had enough.
What I found more interesting in it, is that it felt "more" real than the usual retellings that I read. Maybe because it is mostly told in a historical romance tone with traits of the famous fairy tale. In here, there's no glass slippers, but sensible shoes.

No talking birds... although do they seem to be fascinated by our Ella, much to her dismay. And don't even get her started on the rodent!

There's a stepfather who isn't keen on losing Ella's free labour, and three stepsisters whom Ella can't wait to see married of. And yes, they're as vain as always.

As for our "Prince" he's just a regular man, who dotes on his dogs _yes, he's a dog lover _ who he has named after past battles. Also, it was good to see a character who isn't the full embodiment of an Adonis.

The only reason it doesn't get a higher rating is because some things needed more development. With the exception of Ella and Ian (who by the way suffer from insta attraction), the rest of the characters are pretty much cardboard thin, which is to be expected considering the novella length of this story, but even so...

As for the ending, it was way too rushed!

Despite that, this was a promising start for a new series, with some really good moments in it.

TW's: mentions of animal cruelty.

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