Friday, 24 June 2016

Make Believe Wedding ( The Great Wedding Giveaway, #9) by Sarah Mayberry

This was actually the first book I've read by this author, and my first book in this series, and I loved it: so, yay, for Kindle freebies, lol
(this might be the first time I'm saying this...)

The trope in this book is actually one of my favourites. Friends to lovers... or more to the point, "I have had this BIG CRUSH ON YOU, YOU IDIOT, and you have been blind as a DOOR WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?".
Strange right? -_-
Because I am not a big fan of angst... or of idiots.

But this one actually worked. The writing is more than competent at describing Andie's and Heath's relationship from friends to lovers. It helped that there are some promising *future* characters in another book maybe? of which I would love to read about. I am talking about Andie's best friend and Andie's brother: something has happened between those two, or is going to happen. And I would love to read about.

The motive that starts their whole fake engagement story, was hilarious.
A bit of warning?
If you drink, don't write!


You know, when a character does something so idiotic that you suffer from second hand embarrassment?
Yeah? Well, there's a big scene of that here :D
Bottom line, I really liked everything about this romance.

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