Monday, 18 July 2016

Barefoot ( Bonkers 2) by Michelle Holman


DNF at 32%
What I thought while reading it was that surely I was insane for reading more than ten percent of this crap.

Strong language and spoilers ahead!

What makes this a clusterfuck of epic proportions:
1st- Well the main characters are two fucking idiots, who happen to hate each other but who want to bang one another... just because... which was okay as long as the author realized that they no had no spark whatsoever when it comes to ROMANCE.
2nd- Still related to the first point, I really don't find "hedgehog romance" all that interesting: honestly they were just better of killing one another. Also, she's a cop, she could probably get rid of the body somewhere... despite the guy being "family".
3rd- If a woman says that she doesn't want to have kids, and that she wants to focus on her career, the author should STAY ON THAT PATH, and not give her a FORCED PREGNANCY.
4th-The whole thing becomes even more UGH, when the main character reaches the time limit for an abortion without having a clue that's she's PREGNANT, because she's one of the special ones who bleeds while pregnant!
5th- The guy who got her pregnant suspecting that he may have gotten her pregnant in the first place, but what the hell! Maybe she isn't, so why should he say anything?!
6th-The idiot above saying that SHE IS GOING TO KILL HIS BABY!

You know what? If you want to write a book about how pregnancy can change a woman "for the best". And how "pro-life" you are, go ahead and write it. Just know that I refuse to be preached about it. And as such, I'll just throw the damn thing in the garbage. 
And you know what's even worse?

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