Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Princess and the Hound ( The Hound Saga, #1) by Mette Ivie Harrison

This story is told pretty much in the classic fairy tale style.
As such don't expect today's usual tropes: there's no waste of pages telling how pretty and special our characters are.
Also, unlike most stories, here our main character is the guy, Prince George, and we get to see him growing up. That means, that yes, this is mostly a slow type of story, but I had no problem with that, because the author nailed the story's "voice" perfectly.

I liked that George wasn't the usual "perfect" fairy tale prince. He deals with life the best he can and he does what is expected of him without pulling stupid stunts.
As for the Princess... well, she is something different. And I liked that about her ( yes, I am really vying for vagueness here).
The mystery keep me wondering for a bit, although I do think some things should have been more explained.
Basically I wanted to know more about the exchange between Beatrice and Marit.
I loved the "old tales" about the king that had been turned into a bear, and how we got to see the characters of the next book come together.
I only wish that the romance here had been a little more developed. With that, and with a little more tension added, this would have been a five star read.

And now I can't wait to read the second volume, which apparently is going to arrive a month from now through a seller of abebooks.
I bought this one in the hardback edition, and I want to keep the collection in the same size, so, used books it will be. At least for the second and third volumes.

 #bookwormProblems (paperback edition)

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