Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Witch's Kitchen by Dianna Sanchez

Arc provided by Dreaming Robot Press through Netgalley

Release Date: September 25th

This was actually pretty good. Very well written, with an interesting set of characters and a well thought world building. I think that, actual middle graders will love it. As for us adults, who read middle grade, this might read "too young", but like I said, it has a lot of positive points. In fact it ended up being better than a lot of the so called adult contemporary books that I read.

Millie is a sweet character who loves to bake... like, the girl REALLY likes to bake: Masterchef level.
Unfortunately she doesn't share the same success when it comes to all magical things, much to her mother's disappointment. But at least the mother doesn't have to cook...
Also, Millie's food is go good that she even got a ghost addicted to it! lol
One day, things change, and Millie sees her routine changed: from now on she will be enrolled in a magical school. More out of a political stance taken by her family ( her grandmother is a big shot in the Millie's world), than actually concern for her education. You see, young witches are normally home-schooled.
Once Millie joins school the fun begins ( not a very heavy handed message, though ;)
There she'll meet new friends and discover all her potential ( I know. But it is done well!), although not everything will run smoothly...
The description of the school, with all its magical characteristics was done really well. In fact I would love to see that magical giant tree on the cover of this book. More colour, it would probably attract younger readers.
As for the ending, I found it a little too well wrapped, but all in all, this was really a good story.
Definitely recommended. Especially if you have kids that like to read about magical beings.

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