Wednesday, 3 August 2016

August Releases: The ones I can't wait to read!

This are the books that I am dying to get my hands on!

Betrayals (Cainsville, #4) The Girl Who Drank the Moon The Rat Prince Made For Sin
Magic Steals (Kate Daniels, #6.5) Full of Briars (October Daye, #9.3) No Mistress Of Mine (An American Heiress in London, #4) Summerlong
                                                   Kingdom of Ash and Briars

Kelley Armstrong's  volume "Betrayals" because I follow the series (Cainsville), and even if its path frustrated me as hell in the last book, I am still pretty much invested in it.

"The Girl who drank the Moon", because I loved the author's previous work, "The Witch's Boy".

"The Rat Prince" because my inner child apparently never gets tired of retellings :)
And because this sounds super cute!

"Made of Sin" because it is written by author Stacia Kane, creator of all things "Terrible and Chess" ;)

"Magic Steals"
I used to be head over heels crazy about this series, but then the sixth volume of the "regular" Kate Daniels was released, and... let's say that Curran could go on a long, long trip -_-
I do however love Dali. And I didn't know this was going to be released, so... YES!

"Full of Briars"
Because it belongs to my *not so long ago* favourite series, October Daye.

"No Mistress of Mine"
Up until not long ago, in a time when I used to devour historical romances as air, Laura Lee Gurhke was one of my favourite authors. I think it's about time for me to renew some routines.

Basically because of its author, Peter S. Beagle... and because I have an e-arc :)


Armstrong, Kelley, Betrayals ( #4),published by Sphere - August 4th

Barnhill, Kelly, The Girl Who Drank The Moon, Algonquin Young Readers, August 9 th

Hodder, Bridget, The Rat Prince, August 23rd 2016 by Macmillan/ Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Daniels, Kate, Magic Steals ( ebook) , August 16 th

Mcguire, Seanan, Full of Briars (ebook), August 2nd

Gurhke, Laura Lee, No Mistress of Mine, Avon, August 30th

Beagle, Peter S. , Summerlong, Tachyon, August 22 nd

West, Hannah, Kingdom of Ash and Briars, Holiday House, August 30th

What about you? What are you guys dying to read?

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