Sunday, 21 August 2016

Full of Briars ( October Daye 9.3) by Seanan Mcguire

What can I say?
My memory kind of sucks, so I really should have re-read the previous book before going into this new short story.
But even so, it isn't as if I don't "know" the characters and their peculiar "traits".
As such it was funny ( I must share Mae's sense of humour) to see Quentin's fretting about Toby meeting his parents. As always, Tybalt's nonchalance to everything "no cat... and Toby" related was a pleasure to read.
As for Tybalt's nephew, that "kitty cat" needs some boundaries. Crazy cat!
As for the ending, it took me a little by surprise. Did I forgot about it in the previous books?
Had there been signs of that relationship? Because I don't remember anything, but sometimes I feel as if I am going senile, so...


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