Sunday, 11 September 2016

Once Broken Faith ( October Daye #10) by Seanan Mcguire

                             Arc provided by Daw through Netgalley
                                   Release Date: September 6th

Toby is back! And my heart nearly got broken -_- but everything turned out okay in the end ;)

“I never do anything heroic or stupid unless I’m under someone else’s control,” I said. “I’d be a lot happier if everyone would just leave me alone to eat pizza and watch television, but you people seem to constantly need saving, so here I am.” (Sir October Daye)

October Daye, reluctant Knight and Hero of the realm has been through a lot. She has gone against foes stronger than she, and lived to count the story. She has established alliances in almost all parts of Faerie. Gained friends who are as peculiar as she is... and enemies in old friends.
She has dethroned evil queens. Caught runaway Princesses... and she has even been named an Ambassador. Much to her dismay :)
Now, the High King of Faerie father of you know whom has requested her presence in a Fairie conclave to discuss what to do about the just found cure for elf-shot.
Toby would rather not... but people just don't leave her alone!
There, she finds herself among a great number of snotty Fae who don't think a changeling has any place there.
With tensions rising between different parties, and Fae...people ending up dead, once again it will be up to Toby to find a murderer between giving political speeches in the conclave. -_-
Honestly, guys, enough is enough!

As usual with all things Toby, there's a lot of self cutting, a lot of bleeding.
A lot of ruined dresses.
And even a little bit of dying...whatever that may mean ;)

As for romance, Tybalt once again shows us why he's our favourite cat. Ever :)

Definitely a series in which the author can go with a multitude of spin-off's. At this point I would be happy with a book about Mae, Dianda, Sylvester, you name it.

As for the novella, "Dreams and Slumbers" it features Queen Windermere, in the aftermath of what just happened in "Once broken Faith". Things that were supposed to be easy get complicated, and she'll have to strike a bargain with someone she'd rather not.

Now to wait another year for the next one :/ 

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