Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Rat Prince by Bridget Hodder

This was a cute Cinderella's retelling, with an unexpected main character: Prince Char of the Northern Realm... who happens to be a rat. A royal rat. lol
Now Char is an industrious, fast on his little feet, smart prince, who happens to have a soft spot for poor Lady Rose, who has been nicknamed Cinderella by her wicked stepmother...
Char is well aware that the well being of his kingdom depends on getting rid of Cinderella's stepmother: the women is dead serious on poisoning all of Char's people. And that, simply cannot be.
That is when Char devises a plan. He will help Cinderella get to the ball so that she can meet the prince and hopefully getting him smitten with her. With Cinderella as Queen, Char hopes to at last have some peace at his home.
Good plan, right?
Now if only Char and Cinderella would understand one another...
With the help of a recovered family heirloom, Char and Cinderella end up getting much more that what they were expecting.

Like I said this was a cute retelling. Fast paced, well written, I think younger readers will probably have a blast with this.
For me the only downside, is that I can't help wishing that the romance had taken longer to develop, and that the dialogues between the love birds hadn't relied so much on "cheese"... if you know what I mean. Sometimes, less is more. And this is oriented to a younger audience so... that part could have been a little downplayed.

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