Thursday, 29 December 2016

Becoming Beauty by Sarah E. Boucher

Sometimes you read the first paragraph in a story and it's enough to know that you're going to hate it... that was not the case here. -_-
The beginning was actually pretty decent with a different twist to a well known story.
In this tale, Bella is this selfish vain girl whose reckless request leaves her father in a world of troubles.
What happens next is pretty standard SPOILER except for the fact that Bella's sister, Cass is the real Beauty of the family  in which after awhile, Bella ends up at the Beast's manor.
As for the Beast?
Well he's very emo. And prone to fits of temper SPOILER also not really a Beast in the literal sense of the word -_- actually the guy just needed a few baths, and a hair cut. Oh, and a manicure and pedicure.
That was disappointing!
If I wanted to read about an over emotional dude that decides to go reclusive I would read a new adult book!
So Bella and the emo guy start bickering with each other. Bella basically becomes his ( and of another guy who lives there) servant. And some months later she's basically "healed" of her spoiled ways. Because hard labour strengthens the character!*repeat after me!*
After this, the book's plot basically crashes: everything that was mildly interesting disappears.
The Beast, Phillipe, becomes this super accommodating dude who just wants to worship her.
This confuses Bella. *hands up in the air*
Then Bella decides that maybe she's in a love triangle, even though her interactions with the other dude (sorry, can't remember the guy's name any more) were minimal.
The only bits of "magic" that the story has, are related with this pendant that Bella uses and that connects her with the necklace previous owner... memories.
Surprisingly this doesn't faze any of the characters. In reality it was lame as hell...
What happens next is worth of a crazy soap opera SPOILER Bella decides that it is the other guy that she loves, but what will be of Phillipe? *cue depressing music* But wait, don't despair! Bella's beautiful sister Cassandra is more than willing to take her place! o_O
Definitely not what I was expecting. But hey, this is 2016 and everything basically sucks!

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