Thursday, 22 December 2016

Mind Games (Lock & Mori #2) by Heather W. Petty


Another amazing book by Heather W. Petty, and a worthy sequel at that!

We get right back to where we left: Mori's father is behind bars and she's trying to piece her life back together. 
Her mother's friend, Alice, comes to stay so the kids don't have to be put in the system, as we were given to hope in the last book.

Sherlock is trying very hard to patch up his relationship with Mori after the events from the last book and their relationship is super cute while being completely unobtrusive within the plot at the same time. I love it when romance is written like this!

It seems, however, that Mori cannot rest yet. Someone is trying to frame her for her father's murders and the police aren't making things easier since they believe they need to protect Mori's abusive serial killer father since he is one of their own.

It's so frustrating, but so important to see this reaction from the authorities to domestic abuse, and I love how Heather W. Petty didn't skirt around this issue or tried to diminish it in any way. It is there in all its disgusting and revolting glory.

I also loved how feminist Mori is, and how her relationship with Lock hinges on her choices without any manipulation or demand from him to do things for their ~love~. He always respected her choices even when he didn't like them and this type of relationship is so important, especially in YA. This needs to be normalised instead of those sick abusive "relationships" so often written across all genres.  

The only reason this book isn't getting 5 stars is because it leans quite heavily on a trope I particularly dislike: the It's Not You It's My Enemies trope (WARNING: that link will take you to tv tropes where you may end up trapped for days).
It's a nice trope for angst and it's often seen when it comes to tortured and clueless male heroes -  the thing is, I feel that Mori, even though she's so young, is too clever to waste so much time on this trope. 

That being said, it's still an excellent book and I highly recommend it! I didn't guess the plot twist at all! 

Can't wait for the next one!

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