Sunday, 18 December 2016

Troublemaker by Linda Howard

This is a story about a golden Retriever named Tricks and the humans she dotes upon.
Some of you _ the ones who have read this _ will probably laugh, and call me exaggerated... but really I'm not. The dog really is the main if you love dogs, this is just the book for you!

Look I love dogs and cats: that's why I sometimes find myself without knowing what to do with my life, when I think of all the animals that I've taken care, and the ones that I still have in my life.
Why I am telling this?
Because reading is an escape from reality, and sometimes I don't want to read books that have animals in them ( most of the times they end up dead or being hurt :/).

From the beginning I could see that this was going to be a story about a dog... maybe because the author wouldn't shut up about all of Tricks wonderful nature...
I got to the middle of the story and I got kind of tired of it. Even loving dogs as I do.
But then Saturday, November 19 th happened, and I lost my cat Fiona, and somehow reading about Tricks helped me.
I started questioning myself: can't you see yourself in Bo in the way she mostly prefers her dog to the rest of the world?
Aren't I a slave of my diva cats, the way she is about Tricks?
I am.
And I hope I will be for the longest time ever.
The rest of the story, the developing romance was okay, I guess. Kind of hard to evaluate a romance when I was mostly felling numb. And heartbroken.
As for the thriller part I also felt that it could have been more developed since in the end, it felt more as an afterthought.
Basically I've read way better stories by the author.

Hardback edition

Mass Market Edition

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