Thursday, 2 February 2017

Emily Carroll's Short Comics

Since reading Through the Woods I've been a hardcore fan of Emily Carroll's work.
She is such a talented artist! 
Not only does she have a gift with the written word but she complements it perfectly with her art.

Here are some of her short comics (just click the images and you'll be taken to them):

The Hole The Fox Did Make
Regan is a young girl fascinated by a nearby creek. Her mother says someone drowned there once, so she's forbidden to go. But a mysterious lady in the creek whispers tantalising clues about Regan's father: the Prince of Foxes.

Anu-Anulan & Yir's Daughter
The goddess Anu-Anulan was in love with Yir's Daughter's bright silvery hair.
And she intended to make it all hers.

All Along The Wall
A little girl wants to hear a scary story at a Christmas party.
An older girl tells her a story about a little girl just like her who feared the monsters that scuttled along the walls at night.
But the little girl doesn't find the story scary enough... she wants more.

The Hare's Bride
While shooing a hare from her garden, a young maiden lets herself be convinced to sit on the hare's tail and go with him to his little hut.
The hare tells her to cook while he goes to fetch the wedding guests.
Soon the hare is back and he tells the maiden to open the door because the guest are merry. To open the door because the wedding guests... are hungry.

Emily Carrol's official site (with more free stories!)

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