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The Chaos of Luck- Felicia Sevigny #2 by Catherine Cerveny


And we're back!
Felicia is now on Mars and everything seems to be going right for a change.
Sure, her new tarot shop isn't as successful as it could be, and Alexei is working too much and their relationship is stressful, but otherwise things seem good.

Until an ex-lover shows up and her luck has her feelings drawn to him, and her family from her mother's side attempts to contact her, and Alexei grows more and more distant and disturbingly possessive and controlling.

I had a hard time with this one because, as I mentioned in my review of the first book, I abhor cheating. Even if nothing happens and it's all emotional, it's still cheating. 
And the dreaded love triangle thing needs to die already!

But the thing is, what Felicia is justifies a lot of what happens, both the good and especially the bad. It's convenient and makes me mad, but the thing is, it also makes Felicia mad, and... well, I can't get mad at that.

What I love about this series is that a lot of failings that exist in other books: convenient events taking place, Felicia being so gorgeous and charming and everyone liking her, things always being resolved neatly... Cerveny wrote in a vital plot point that makes these all not only acceptable but expected and justified. 
So these books get a lot of leeway where other would fail. 

All this being said, I loved the plot (apart from the cheating, of course), I loved how Felicia is still clever, and sensible, and reacts like a normal person.
I love how whenever Alexei does the usual romance alpha controlling caveman thing Felicia shuts him down and gets truly angry. 
And I love the new characters introduced (except one, but no spoilers, except to say love triangles SUCK).

And, as with the first one, everything is resolved by the end so you can't even be mad at the things you didn't like...
Which is frustrating, but at the same time I congratulate Cerveny for always succeeding.

As with the first book, as soon as I finished reading it I rushed to pre-order it!

Honestly, I can't wait for the next one in the series!

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