Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Rule of Luck - Felicia Sevigny #1 by Catherine Cerveny


Finally, an urban fantasy series that I can turn to, now that I've become disenchanted with Kate Daniels!

Felicia Sevigny is a tarot reader - actually the best tarot reader.
It seems luck follows her, whether it's good or bad luck, now that's another matter...

In a future where the government controls your fertility, Felicia finds herself blacklisted from being allowed to have a child. And she'll go to whatever lengths she needs to so she can have the future she wants.

Terrorists, political plots, the russian mob, her boyfriend, meddling relatives, and Alexei Petriv all seem to mess up her plans and contribute to reveal and overarching mystery that could decide Felicia's fate.

I have to say, I LOVE Felicia. There was never one moment - not one! - when she was tstl!
All she did and thought made sense.
Do you know how rare it is to have a main character being clever and figuring out the plot AHEAD of the reader?!
I was so thankful, you have no idea...

Then we have Alexei Petriv, the usual alpha male we see in romance novels: rich, incredibly gorgeous, amazing at everything he does... and a possessive asshole who turns into a caveman where Felicia is concerned.
But the thing is, whenever he does this, Felicia acts like a normal woman aware of red-flags and wary of creepy behaviour would: she freaks out. She calls him out on his shit. She makes it clear that his behaviour is not acceptable.
And that, too, is incredibly refreshing.

It's so wonderful when - even with a heavy dose of lust at first sight - you have the male super alpha love interest try to charm the main character and she just rolls her eyes and thinks it's dumb and corny. Like... girl, I feel you!

And the plot kept me on the edge of my seat!
I honestly did not see a lot of the twists coming!

Not to say that this is a perfect story - it involves cheating (which I abhor!), and a love triangle (ugh).
But it's all resolved quite satisfactorily by the end, so that's okay.

Anyway, I loved this book so much that I've already pre-ordered the paperback!

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