Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Haunted Heist (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #3) by Angie Fox

Verity Long is back with another mystery!
Although her adventures are many and her ghost friend Frankie allows Verity to see into the "other side" and interact with other ghosts, none of that pays the bills.
So Verity is ecstatic when her bff Lauralee's uncle Reggie pays her a visit and offers her a marketing job at his bank.

Since Verity is persona non grata in Sugarland no one else will give her a job, so this really seems like a new chapter in Verity's life!

Too bad Reggie is soon murdered and Verity now finds herself among the suspects...

This had, as always, a delightful plot!
Though I guessed the killer in this one it was still a fun read.

I love how, even though there are so many (soooo many!) reasons for her relationship with Ellis to be full of drama they both just decide to be adults and roll with it. 
It's so nice to read a book without unnecessary angst!

I love how Angie Fox makes her characters, even the side characters or just characters that appear in one scene, feel fully fleshed and with their own personalities.

So, as usual, if you feel like reading a drama-free cozy mystery this is a treat!

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