Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Madmen's City by Cady Vance

This entire book was absurd.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, was tstl.

How do you have a batman-like do-gooder running around telling his secret identity to a bunch of kids?

How are you going to write My Immortal descriptions of what the characters are wearing?

How are you going to dress up a crime fighting kid in a white trenchcoat and hat (I'm assuming fedora, from his behaviour) and have him say that no one ever sees him at night?

How are you going to write said kid's dialogue in a noiresque way that only makes sense coming out of a 50-something year old detective who is not only disillusioned with life but also a functional alcoholic?

How are you going to write your female mc as a complete idiot?

How are you going to write a plot as thin as a 15 minute episode of something out of cartoon network?

And how do you manage to make it all so boring?

So many questions...

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