Monday, 3 July 2017

Deklan by Shay Savage

TW: Kidnapping, Murder, Child Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse

I really like Shay Savage's writing style. It draws you in and keeps you hooked, it flows naturally.

I have a few mixed feelings about this book, though.
I really appreciate how Shay Savage knows how to handle issues regarding consent and literally never messes up on that. 

But there were still a few trigger warnings when it comes to the main relationship.
I absolutely can't stand it when the hero gets mad and, though he never physically hurts the lady, he smashes shit around the house, yells at her, and slams a fist into the wall right next to her head.

I mean... that's so obviously still abuse? It's emotional abuse, which can be seriously damaging.
And it made no sense that Deklan, being such a sweetheart, would do that at all, especially considering how deeply aware he was of Kera's past. 
Having him constantly apologising afterwards didn't make things any better.

I think romance writers need to stop depicting these situations unless they make it clear that they're unacceptable.
Sure, they're romance staples when the hero is a bad boy, but I hate how it normalises this form of abuse, especially by not showing it as abuse at all. 
Kera just stood there and took it, feeling guilty for making him act that way. Like... wtf.
Let's stop this stuff.

Kera was also way tstl, like the bad guy straight up confesses something terrible to her right at the beginning, he honestly could not have made it any clearer, he wasn't cryptic at all, he just literally confessed, but it was only near the end that she goes, "omg... now that I think of it... maybe... he did something bad D:". 
Deklan also does a lot of stuff that anyone with half a brain would have been able to figure out pretty much immediately.
But this stuff always completely flabbergasts her. Honestly this girl does not have a clue.

That being said, it had a solid plot, a nice romance, likeable characters, a truly repellent villain, and a (spoiler) HEA (/spoiler), so it was entertaining :)

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