Sunday, 2 July 2017

Lover's Knot (Dorina Basarab #3.5) by Karen Chance

Finally another Dorina story!
This is honestly one of my favourite series!

I was pleasantly surprised that this one focused quite a bit on my absolute favourite thing about these books: Dorina's relationship with her father Mircea. 
There is so much to explore there and it's so nice to see how devoted Mircea was/is to his daughter, and Dorina finally regaining some of her memories. 

I wish they'd interacted in the present day as well.

Other things I loved:

- Horatiu. He was just so great! I love his constant admonitions to keep the family acting properly, and turning Dorina into a young lady. And I'd love to see him in the present time thinking about how he failed on that.
- Anthony. Honestly he's probably the best character, I guess it helps that I imagine him as James Purefoy in Rome. But he's such a fun character, and I want to see more of him!
- Radu. He's been acting more uncle-like and I love it!

All this being said I can't wait for a proper full book in this series.

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