Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Puss In Prada by Marie Jacquelyn

This was a cute story of what happens when "your" self absorbed... well self, gets turned into a cat by an annoyed witch!
Are there more of those witches?
I don't know, the witch is not really a character in this novel except as the agent that causes Alex's transformation.
Note to self: try to not run down people... because you never know. o_O
Also, it's not you know... nice :D

Alex used to be a famous writer.
He is still a writer, but now he's also a cat. A cat who wears clothes, because "hello, I'm naked down here"(pretty conservative for a cat is all I'm saying), and who lives with his ex boyfriend. 
The ex boyfriend is pretty much a saint, because Alex was already annoying as f***k when he was not a cat. Now? He's impossible.
And he sheds.
You should read this :D

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