Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The language of Thorns ( Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic)

Sometimes miracles do happen and I actually enjoy, nay, love a story! In this case a whole bunch of stories. Beautiful written dark stories that turned the author into a must read!

Ayama and The Thorn Wood
The story of the not so pretty daughter and the monster prince...

The Too Clever Fox
You can see where this is going, right?

The Witch of Duva - TW: Incest

This one's the creepiest of them all. Get ready for some chopped limbs and even creepier things.
Ugh, Disgusting bastard, if only all children in danger could be replaced by cookie facsimiles.

Little Knife
Don't underestimate rivers; just saying.

The Soldier Prince
A retelling of the nutcracker; this one I actually liked.

When Water sang Fire
Mermaids, friendship and betrayal: get ready for the gore... also, can I have more?

Definitely recommended!

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