Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Clockwork Boys ( Clocktaur War #1) by T. Kingfisher


I think that I need the second volume, before forgetting what I just read...LOl, because my memory is on its last functioning brain cell.

So... interesting premise, check.

A band of criminals are forced to take on a mission, that most likely will result in their deaths.

 But since they were already facing certain death by various crimes, this at least gives them a tiny hope of survival! Yay, one last adventure before certain death! :D

Interesting characters, check.

Slate, a "ninja" accountant as referred by the author (she does!)is a non BS type of woman, unless for that small detail where she can sense magic and that it shows throughout constant sneezing attacks. Rosemary is not her friend.

I know this doesn't make much sense, does it? But when you read it, it does, lol

 Caliban a former paladin, is the closed up type with pent up feelings. He also got possessed by a demon _ who's supposedly dead, but still likes to talk from time to time_ and ended up committing mass murder. -_-

The guy has some serious issues. And baggage. 

And a surprisingly amount of handkerchiefs at hand.

Brenner... well if Deadpool was a fantasy character... he could be related to him!

He's the sunny type of character; apparently killing people uplifts his humor. Villanelle could be his friend.

Then there's the priest, Learned... what's his name, who is very afraid of women, lol, and offers many unrequited opinions. Surprisingly Slate manages not to break his nose.

Great banter, check

This is T. Kingfisher of course hilarity abounds.

Deranged moments, double check

Who knew that horse riding could lead to such unforgettable scenes

Inclusion of scary and cuddly animals, check.

Once again this is T. Kingfisher; humor and horror walk hand in hand.

The writing is straightforward, but the characters are such a delight, that you forget about it.

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Friday, 21 January 2022

Don't Call the Wolf by Aleksandra Ross


This should be a five star read. Why?

Because of the strong plot that interwoves Polish folklore so seamlessly in a great story with amazing characters.

And because the writing style is pretty much perfect.

So many characters (and yes, I'm thinking about the ten brothers) and I was invested in them all; sure, some more than others, but they grow on you, LOL

The siblings relationship was heartbreaking to read. Both of them. The wolf-lord one with his brothers. And the one of Ren and Rhys.

The romance... well since I've turned into a love grinch, lol, I wouldn't have minded if it had taken a lit bit longer to happen... like, by the end of the book? ;)

LOL I'm being mean, because this is a very quiet romance, so what I'm saying may give readers other ideas, but that was what I felt.

Ren is after all, different. So, a little more time between the "I'm going to kill you" to "I like him" would have been nice.

Even though Baba Jaga agrees that he's a handsome devil, or something of the type.

But she also says:

“We are two queens alone in the world and meeting for the first time,” said the Baba Jaga. “Let us speak of something other than men.”

Right?! This! This was what I wanted and less mooning over Lucasz!

Yes, she's seventeen but she had been living mostly as a lynx until he came around!

About what happens in this story, well there some dark moments. Very dark ones.

There's a character that SPOILER sacrifices himself in order for the other ones to escape and he shots himself in the head, so that was... THAT and then the author completely destroys his character development.

I hated that. Not because of the fact that he dies (well, other author, would probably give him a spin-off!), but because something worse happens to him _YES, I KNOW!_ and oh, look there goes all character development... because he was "bad at heart" or something of the type.

Really lame, hated it. Heartbreaking and gruesome to read what happens to him.

And then what finally sealed this story rating: the last part, that follows the magical mountain fairytale or something of the sort? The glass mountains and the gold apples?

Yeah, that should have been deleted, because it completely destroys the story. :/

That was some bullshit!

Also, apparently I'm stupider that I thought I was, because most of what happens next, doesn't make any sense to me!

That's some ex-deus machina bs to happen!

Didn't like it, basically felt that it was idiotic and that none of that should've happen. *stops yelling*

Yes, I will read more books by the author.😉 Because for 3/4 of the story I was completelly in love with it.

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Once Upon a Broken Heart (#1) by Stephanie Garber

I deserve a big bar of chocolate for managing to finish this fluffy mess.

Also, Evangeline? The main character? Well she also deserves an award: the award for  most chronically idiotic character EVER TM!

JFC, if only the author had heard about something called character development -_-

Oh, and the part about the vampires, it was so absurd!

Even more absurd is the fact that nothing gets to be resolved by the end of this!


I actually liked the writing style. Except the part that goes on and on about kissing. -___-

 I liked the quirky beginning and the attention that the author gives to the surroundings; but OMG, the characters are/were so basic!

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

2021 Fave Reads

 These were my favorite reads in the past year. Stories with strong plots and unforgettable characters.


Adult Fantasy: Od Magic

YA Fantasy: The Bone Charmer, The Bone Houses, Legendborn

Middle Grade: Minor Mage, The Mulberry Tree

January 2022 releases

 As you can see I'm still well stuck in the Fantasy genre. These are the releases for this month that have left me somewhat intrigued.

Daughter of The Moon Goddess, sounds epic and I'm so here for it. 

"A captivating debut fantasy inspired by the legend of Chang's, the Chinese moon goddess, in which a young woman's quest to free her mother pits her against the most powerful immortal in the realm."

A Letter to Three Witches, sounds cute and fun and as long as it doesn't have to much insanity in it, I'm here for it, LOL. A person can't live on epic fantasy only, you get even more depressed! Give me a cute and funny adult rom-com any day of the week.

And yes, this is the part that has called to me: 

"Cousin Trudy is so stressed that she accidently enchants her cupcakes, creating havoc among her bakery customers _and in her marriage."

I wonder what enchanted cupcakes are up to these days, LOL

As for the retelling of the month, lol, here's "Midnight in Everwood" which is marked as a Nutcracker retelling. I'm not that interested in that tale fairytale as I am in others, but it does seem very 
atmospheric. So we'll see. 

"On the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, she is transported to a snowy forest where she encounters danger at every turn: ice giants, shadow goblins and the shrieking mist all lurk amidst the firs and frozen waterfalls and ice cliffs."

Heavenly Bodies also seems epic by its description. As long as it doesn't focus too much on romance, we'll see how it goes.

 "I defy the stars." In a world where no entities exist but the Stars, cruel and merciless gods that watch over the world, Elara has been cursed by fate. A prophecy that promises she will fall for a Star and it will kill them both."

Shady Hollow has a very quirky premise in which all the characters seem to be  animals, and well it sounds like this: "The first book in the Shady Hollow series, in which we are introduced to the village of Shady Hollow, a place where woodland creatures live together in harmony _ until a curmudgeonly toad turns up dead and the local reporter (a fox?) has to solve the case." 

As for anthologies, we have Serendipity edited by Marissa Meyer. 

 "From stories of first love, unrequited love, love that surprises, love that's been there all along, ten of the brightest and award winning authors writing ya have taken on some of your favorite romantic tropes, embracing them and turning them on their heads."

 As for The Beholden, well I'm a sucker for Cassandra Rose Clarke stories, so of course I'm curious about her latest one:

 "Gorgeous, compelling, and utterly captivating, the Beholden follows Celestia and Izara as they journey from the lush rainforest to a frozen desert on an impossible quest to find a god who doesn't want to be found and prevent the end of the world." 

What about you, what new releases have catch your fancy this month?

Sunday, 26 December 2021

Bayou Born (The Foundling #1) by Hailey Edwards


I have the worst taste in books -_- sometimes...
What a mess. What a freaking mess, that started out so strong and then just went insane.

This started out so promising! It was all kinds of cryptic and I had no idea where this was going, but I was loving the voice and the relationships dynamics that Luce has with her partner, with her father and her best friend.
SO, color me surprised when a huge amount of testosterone entered the story and derailed the thing.
First we have THE LOOK: you know, when the main character meets the supposed love interest and voilĂ , her nipples become mount Everest

Strike one.
Then we have the character personality CHANGE because of a dude she barely knows.
So a very reserved and guarded person suddenly decides to tolerate this nosy/stalker guy, despite she being a COP! LOL
Strike two.
A character who is so strong, starts fainting and acting like a damsel in distress in a crazy way.
Her best friend goes MISSING, after another girl has disappeared and what does she do?
Well she has an accident, conveniently forgets about THAT, only that, and when she does remember it again, does nothing.
Strike f****g THREE! 
There's no "omg, I going to do anything in my power to get her back" as one would! She just goes her normal life!
The testosterone element: look, I no longer have the patience for dudes _IN BOOKS _ who GROWL.
Don't even get me started on THAT on real life, because that would elicit a call to animal control...
The growling made me want to smack him in the nose with a journal.
The truth about Luce's past is revealed and I was like

JFC, this story should be called "The evil inside"!
Horseman of the apocalypse, really?
Or better yet, horsewoman -_______-, sorry, but without proper background to develop THAT, it just felt clumsy. 
A case to say that I lost my single brain cell while reading this!
So why two stars instead of one?
Because this at times was funny: I especially liked the demonic black cat with wings, although very stereotyped.
I liked the beginning! *cries*
And despite not liking mess, I really wanted to know what was going to happen!
*what is wrong with me?*

Tuesday, 21 December 2021

What I'm currently reading...

 ... and why I need to create a post about it, because NO, one book isn't enough.

I'm currently reading four books, and intent on starting my fifth, because apparently _for me _ the world will end this 31rt December and I still want to read Seanan Mcguire's new installment on the October Daye series.

Will I make it?

Probably not, but hey at least I'm interested in something positive! *thumbs up*

So, what am I reading? Or trying to?

My longest read so far is "Summer in Orcus" by T. Kingfisher which I've started in July o_O, now don't get me wrong, this is actually a pretty good middle grade book, ence me not DNF it, BUT I'm afraid that my burned out single brain cell is incapable of dealing with all those bird characters.

I'm lost. It's a good book. It started out really strong with Baba Yaga and with a kid parenting her mother, so I was really invested in it. I also like the author's writing style, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to finish it. Not because it isn't good, but because my old lady brain no longer cares.

Then there's Marissa Meyer's Gilded. Look I loved Cinder and Scarlett, wasn't crazy about Rapunzel's book and Winter didn't work out for me.

I'm afraid that Gilded also isn't working out for me. I'm at the 13% mark and I really couldn't care less about the main character. So that's a very strong contestant for another DNF.

While reading it, I keep thinking about another Rumpelstilskin retelling, namely Anna Sheehan's "Spinning Thorns", one that I've already re-read, so that's where "we are".

The third prospective DNF lies in "Once Upon a Broken Heart" by Stephanie Garber.

Now, I still haven't read Caraval, but I do intend to give it a try. One day.

This one started out just quirky and interesting so I did quite enjoy the beginning.

But then a guy, or two appears and things go down the drain. As they usually do.

Our main character who doesn't start out as the brightest tool in the shed, manages to lose her only functioning brain cell -_______-, so things are dire at this moment! Also you wouldn't believe the amount of time kisses are mentioned in this story. They're like air!

I like the writing stytle, although at times it does manage to turn a bit purple. Or pinkish.

The author has a flair for descriptions, it's all very detailed; but when it comes to characters they're severely lacking, like cotton candy deep.

There's this guy, Jacks, with his bluish hair who is always throwing an apple up in the air and looking bored and apparently this accounts for character depth.

They seem like those villains in Sailor Moon, with their greenish/bluish hair and absurd names.

Now for the book that I do hope finish: Bayou Born by Hailey Edwards.

I'm loving it. I'm loving the writing style and the fact the I don't know where this is going.

There's a very big mystery and I can't wait to read what it is!

The Witch Collector ( The Witch Walker Trilogy #1) by Charissa Weaks


DNF at 15%

This is a case of a story that started out strong but rapidly made me lose interest in it.
Raina the main character is mute and uses sign language. Not something you read often, so that was well done.
The characters are also older than our usual ya story, Raina is twenty four and talks about a previous romantic/sexual relationship. So I guess this is NA?
That should've given me pause...
The revenge plot, started out interesting; it even gave me a little Hunger Games vibe in the fact that once a year, someone from the village is taken. In this case her sister was taken, so she plots vengeance against the hand that does the taking. Namely the witch collector.
But then the other POV begins and the author's need to interwoven all those characters felt off to me.
Then there's quite a few battle scene pages, and since I still hadn't connected with the characters, I really couldn't care less about those. There's even people cut in half. o_O 
*Me, wow, that blade must be really, REALLY sharp*
Then there's the MOMENT:
The moment in which the main characters see each other for the first time:
So you have a medieval village setting, it's not as if you have ELECTRICAL LIGHTING, YOU KNOW!
But the characters are able to check themselves out. Perfectly! And I'm like, "WHO FREAKING CARES; PEOPLE ARE DYING ALL AROUND, FOCUS, YOU IDIOTS!"

The guy: Green eyes, piercing look, "He wears a short, neat beard and his face is all dangerous edges and sharp lines. He's handsome in a wicked, dark way. Beautiful even."
The guy that she wanted to kill up until a second ago. Right. LMAO
Hello, priorities?!
Her That long hair and blue dress. Those sapphire eyes."
Nope, don't care, also the "magic" seems really dumb.
I'm out.

Sunday, 19 December 2021

Legendborn (The Legendborn Cycle #1) by Tracy Deonn


tw: death of a loved one, racism, systemic racism

A very refreshing take on the "Arthur tale", enriched by a story of grief. Which is at times hard to read, but necessary.
The way that the author combines magic and the systemic racism that Bree and all her past family have gone through is heartbreakingly perfect.
The magic is enticing and the scenes that display it, could perfectly be adapted to a movie.
Also, and I'm not proud to say this, LOL, there's a love triangle (or better yet, the potencial for one) and I'm there for it! LOL
There's a cliffhanger in the end and many things to resolve and yes, I can't wait to get my hands on the second volume.

Monday, 6 December 2021

Never Fall For Your Fiancée (The Merriwell Sisters #1) by Virginia Heath


A story that starts out strong enough, witty and funny, but who then goes downhill into a complete and total farce. -__-

The level of insanity is only surpassed by the level of 'drama llama' soap opera idiocy that takes place towards the middle/end of the story. *pulls hair*

The level of miscommunication between the main characters towards the end is off the charts. Hugh says something and wants Minerva to ear another thing! Which is 'funny' (not really), since he's such a skilled story teller! *Hysterical laughter ensues*

The main character starts out as "oh, I can never marry because I'm incapable of loving just one woman, woe is on me and on my fickle blood" *dramatically raises hand towards temple and sighs*

Thing IS, the guy is the image of responsibility towards his tenants. And his friends _or, cookie eating friend as it is_ and even towards people who need saving.

Apparently the guy was traumatized by some big mess involving his father spoiler , the guy had a mistress, but his mother was okay with it all, due to reasons. LOL

So when he finally knows the truth, he goes: "yupi, then everything is well, I'm not a scoundrel!, so I can marry Minerva" o_O

Honestly the only character worth saving is Payne, the butler. His sarcastic wit towards the insanity that was happening was refreshing.

Everything else was just too much! 

That paid actress who loved to drink too much.

The criminal parent.

The marriage obsessed mother.

And the damned writing style, which makes it seem that you're reading the lines out of a damned play.

JFC, I was tired by the end of all this drama!

Oh, and the "sexy times"? Oh, they're as sexy as watching Mr. Collins ask for more boiled potatoes.

For crying out loud! *screams in frustration*

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