Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Witch's Boy by Kelly Barnhill

Arc provided by Algonquin Books through Netgalley

How much I loved thee... let me count the ways...

I loved it all, so much, that I don't even know how to properly write this review...
Fair warning...

Ode To a Book: 
(Just not lyrical... or written in metrical form... although if you want to, be free to sing it! Basically this is just my way to give voice to the fangirl in me!

I loved your storytelling abilities. I loved your multidimensional approach to this engrossing story.
I loved how I keep feeling as if I was reading a fairy tale, an adventure, a magical fantasy with dashes of epic fantasy all seamlessly stitched into a perfect combination.

I loved your characters. Characters who weren't perfect, characters far away from Maries or Garys Stue.

I loved how the main characters were portrayed. I loved their character development so much that, had I the time, I would definitely start re-reading this one... starting now.

I loved him, for the difficulties he went through life, his disability; but mainly for his courage. I loved him because he wasn't strong, or especially bright. I loved him for what he lost, and what made him so.

She, I loved for her mind. For her straightforward way of thinking. Mostly, for the way she never gave up. For her strength, courage and for the very important fact that she isn't portrayed as the usual white bread roll.
"A girl—black hair, black eyes, skin the color of oiled wood"
— (arc, subject to changes, and which I shouldn't be quoting  o_O)
I loved the interesting story, that went to so much more more besides the main characters' problems. 
We have treasons in the court (the guy is an idiot, but he wants power, so, that makes him a dangerous idiot), provinces at the edge of war, (the ones that are content with their lot in life, fighting off the spoiled brat King's army), a witch who is seen as a threat by one of the sides, and dismissed by the other.
Grieving families and the love between them which just isn't showed.

All the characters are so alive in this tale! And although there's so many of them, never once do their voices get mixed.
Not the King of thief's or the ageing Queen. Even the rocks get their own very distinguishable personality.

Such a masterpiece use of writing, and story telling abilities makes of this story one of the strongest ones I've read this year.

Definitely recommended. Not only to middle graders, but to the YA audience who wants something completely different from what they're used to. But especially to the adult audience, to remind us why we love to read so much.

A story to devour in one sitting _unless you find yourself sick as a dog for the longest couple of days of your (cough *my*) life.

Buy... (Pre-order it until September arises!) The Witch's Boy:

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