Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Dreams of Distant Shores by Patricia A. Mckillip

Arc provided by Tachyon Publications through Netgalley

Release Date: June 14th

It's no secret that I am a fan of the author luscious writing and enchanting imagination. As such it was with great pleasure that I read this anthology.

"Weird" - 4 Stars
I loved this story and for a moment there the author had me completely fooled, making me think that I was reading a ~normal~ contemporary story. Ah!*Yes, I should have known better*
 We have two characters, and it seems as if they're having a rendez vouz in the bathroom... of course bit by bit, the fantasy comes crashing down on them. It was intriguing, and left me wanting much more. For real, I would love to know how it ends. Or more on how it started ;)

"Mer"- 3.5 Stars
Another intriguing story, this one featuring a jaded witch who loves to sleep *I can sympathize* .
The problem is where she ends up sleeping, namely in a mermaid statue that ends up being stolen as a prank.
Honestly, people, beware of what/who you steal ;)

The Gorgon in The Cupboard- 3.5 Stars
The story of a painter and of his obsession with a friend's wife. Fortunately for him the paranormal seems set on helping him.
Ironically enough he ends up falling under the spell of real life instead.

Which Witch - 2 Stars
I wasn't crazy about this one . A little too vague for me in  the beginning it kept me wondering what I was reading about. There's witches and spirit animals and an evil to fight.

Edith and Henry Go Motoring - 1.5 Stars
 I think that what Patricia Mckillip is trying to say with these stories, is that the mundane could be living next door to the unexplainable, the paranormal without any of us being the wise for it .
 Like these two characters who go out for a drive in what seems to be a typical  pastoral English setting and all of a sudden, there's troll bridges keepers and much more. Which is great... but it didn't work for me.

Aliens - 3.5 Stars
When the up until now sane grandmother of the family claims to have had sex with the aliens who  abducted her, her family divides itself between concern and amusement.
But what is the truth? Has granny lost her marbles or is there really an alien infestation?
And which of them is easier to believe?

Something Rich and Strange - 4 Stars
A tale of two lovers who need to get lost in order to finally find each one another. The only problem is the toll it will take on both... and on their relationship.
While reading it, I felt as if this was supposed to be the master piece in this collection... and for a period of time it was. Strangely, I can't help feeling that this novella would have worked better as a short.
I know, I know, I'm impossible to please, lol.

 As for the cover it is absolutely stunning.

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