Wednesday, 16 December 2020

2020 Releases That You May Have missed: January edition

 2020 has been a crappy year, we all know that. *Hysterical laughter ensues*

Some of us have been able to find the usual solace in books. Others not so much.

Unfortunately I belong to the last group, so this year has been double miserable when it comes to reading and reviewing. 

I'm perfectly aware that most releases completely escaped my notice.

 I don't know if I even "set foot" on Netgalley's site this year... not that it would do me any good, being an international reviewer and all of that. "All of that" being disliking most stories. o_O

Which brings me here to this post; I miss making lists and most importantly getting excited about reading them! Very important ;) so I decided to dig into Goodreads lists and try to come out with some past releases that sound mildly interesting, that we can all read in the upcoming 2021. If you haven't already.

So, January, what was released that now sounds mildly interesting to me?

Bitter Falls is the fourth book in the Stillhouse Lake series by the late Rachel Caine. I still haven't started the series, but it does seem quite interesting, so I'm going to give "Stillhouse Lake (#1)" a go one of these days.

RIP Rachel Caine

Also part of an ongoing series is "The Hand On the Wall (Truly Devious #3) by author Maureen Johnson. To keep consistency, I also haven't started this series and to be honest it had completely escaped my radar despite its high rating on GR's. It also seems to be a mystery thriller series, and it seems that most who read it loved it.

It is preceded by "Truly Devious (#1)" which was released in 2018 by

Harper Collins. 

"The Vanishing Stair (#2) was released in 2019 by Katherine Tegen books.

As for the fourth book, "A Box In The Woods" it will be released in June 2021.

A Heart so Fierce and Broken the second in the Cursebreakers series was also released in January, and this one I didn't miss... although I wasn't a big fan of it. I felt as if this one only served to undo a lot of what had happened in the first book, and I wasn't happy about it. I call it the "middle book syndrome of messing things up".

Despite this, most likely I will read the third one...probably. Maybe.


For Lisa Gardner fans there was this "When You See Me" book. Now I haven't read a Lisa Gardner in quite awhile, but I do remember her writing being competent.

And now for my beloved category, lol, we have retellings.

Anna Marie Maclemore wrote "Dark and Deepest Red"              

which is a retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's "Red Shoes".  

The author is know by their lush story weaving, so I'm sure this one will be a treat. 

Of course, hearts most likely will be broken.

Ours, of course. 😢

Seanan Mcguire, continues her successful "Wayward Children" series, of which I've only read the first one. Maybe its time to give it another try since I do enjoy most of her writing,

"Come Tumbling Down" is the fifth installment.

Now of a series that I'm actually reading _ 🎆🎇 _ came a novella by authors Ilona Andrews. 

"Sweep with Me" (The Inkeepers Chronicle #4.5) .

 I've already read the three first books, "Clean Sweep #1, Sweep In Peace #2 and One Fell Sweep #3 and am yet to start the fourth, Sweep of the Blade.

It's a fast pacing sci fi series with a lot of monsters (we're talking multiple worlds here), and monsters descriptions, in the which the main character has a Inn (sentient one) that caters to otherworldly beings, providing them with a safe haven. Or at least she tries too, because they surely don't make her life easy.

There's a bit of romance in it and a very interesting guest that keeps things lively. Oh and the CHEF is as prickly as one can get! ;)

"Race To The Sun" is Rebecca Roanhorse's middle grade debut and it has been receiving tons of love for its importante representation.

And yes, one of these days I would love to give it a try.

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