Tuesday, 22 December 2020

The Girl Who Lost her Shadow by Emily Ilett


"Shadows were meant to stay stuck, like ears and promises. They weren't meant to run away. They were especially not meant to run away when it was raining. Or on your birthday.(...)

I must admit that I started this book merely on a whim and due to its tittle. 
Its whimsical and let's say unusual tittle.

It's a very compelling read, that made me suspend disbelief and follow the adventure of twelve year Gail (or Gale) on her search for some missing shadows (yes, plural).

The author through a vivid and atmospheric setting ( the type where you can feel the dampness in the grass and in the air) deals with hard subjects, such as grief, depression and even environment protection.
 But at the core of it all is the sisters relationship. Their friendship and their love for one another.
The cast of lets say the "secondary" characters is very strong. Strong characters with their own problems and traumas are extremely well developed.

At times the symbology of it all, left me a little lost, since I felt that instead of magical realism we were entering the Fantasy domain, and there were certain things that I couldn't quite comprehend the meaning... but that could just be me being dense. :D

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