Sunday, 9 May 2021

Od Magic by Patricia A. Mckillip


A story entirely about magic.

What it is, how it's perceived... and the men who try to control it and make a mess out of the whole thing. Basically the usual. :D

Luckily there's much more than That to the story, lol. There's an assortment of interesting characters, all of them with their own connection to magic. To Od's (a famous sorceress) magic school and all it touches. The repercussions it has _ or that some stubborn people *yes, Valoren, I'm looking at you*, think it has _ on the "government" or on the assumed balance of power.

When magic ends up being controlled by the reigning monarch, does it even matter anymore?

Of course this is told in Mckillip's trademark beautiful and dreamy prose, so of course I was a happy reader.

Just my cup of tea.

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