Sunday, 9 May 2021

Poisoned by Jennifer Donnely


In all fairness I should give this story a one star rating, because this was/is a hot mess.

I loved the author's "Stepsister" novel, so I kept giving this one the benefit of the doubt; that the thing would eventually get better. And yes, it did have some readable moments between Sophie's "Mary Sue" stupidity... or maybe by then my expectactions were that low...

At first I tried to reason with myself _ fascinating conversations that I keep having in my brain O_O _ that Sophie was the typical princess, not to be compared with a fierce Katniss, but the way she was described was so...*tries to find the appropriate word* uh, boring? Bland? With no personality whatsoever?

The writing style was irritating to say the least. I guess it tried to emulate the old fashioned fairy tale writing style.

Preachy and omniscient?

Guess what? It's really hard to connect with THAT, alongside a bunch of boring tropes. 

There's two many characters, too many things going on, but the character's relationships are as thin as ice. The supposed "love story", is there because there has to be one. It was a really weak undeveloped one, I'm sorry to say.

Then there was some creatures that were supposed to be "cutesy", I guess, but in all honesty it just mixed the entire tone of the book; it was supposed to be all dark and ya, and suddenly I'm left wondering if the thing is trying to be the most basic of middle grade books. And I'm not trying to offend middle grade stories. Some of my fave books are middle grade *sigh*, but this one was just a hot mess.

Do not recommend at all.

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