Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Curses by Lish McBride


Melissa Meyer says that this was "The Beauty and the Beast retelling that she had been waiting for".

Well, then she must have been waiting for an historical romance/ steampunk story with very small traces of Beauty and the Beast! Because, gawds, this was not what I was expecting from a Beauty and the Beast retelling... but I've read quite a few retellings, so I've become a bit picky...

Okay, I'm going to stop with the burn.


This is not a bad story per se, but it is a bit of a mess.

The beginning was quite boring, there's tons of pointless descriptions regarding characters looks  and ornaments, and clothes patterns and things as such.

Everyone is beautiful and dashing. There's queer characters, non binary and poc.

So, check, check... and check. Sorry, but it felt a bit too much on the nose, when we start getting educated on pronouns regarding another pointless character.

There's strong family relationships in this book, which is probably the best part of it.

Tevin Dumont, our "Beauty" has very strong bonds with his siblings and with his cousin Val (Valerie?), a tomboy who is described as a bit of a horny gunslinger; Wild, Wild, West meets Gossip Girl in Regency. -___-

His parents are con artists, and in this one, his mother is the one who steals the Beast's flower.

So, Tevin gets to meet Merit, our Beast who has been under a curse because she didn't want to marry some lecherous old man... so she got cursed by a Godling, vain and horrid fairy godmothers.

Problem number... I forget, So we have a very accepting society regarding gender identity, but women still are being sold like cattle.


The curse

Well, there's a temporary "cure" for it. A tonic with some side effects, but it is something that allows Merit and the other members of the ton who have been cursed (there's mentions to other fairytales, since there's a support group for the afflicted) to have a reprieve from the thing.

I felt like that cheapened the thing?

The romance

It practically doesn't exist! The characters end up together because that's what supposed to happen, but the relationship between them was really weak.

I can see this becoming a series, because there were so many characters in it, but if it does happen I will not be following it.

It had some interesting ideas, but in the end the importance given to clutter was just too much.

Also, what was with the Prince's tail??

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