How to request a review

If you want us to review a book, short story, etc., or to participate in a book tour, contact us at
We are open to reviewing YA (and all its sub-genres), urban fantasy, paranormal, fantasy, children's, middle grade, comics and graphic novels, dystopian and post-apocalyptic, fairytale retellings, erotic, regency, sci-fi, historical romance, magical realism, and southern gothic.

We do not review non-fiction, Christian fiction, and New Adult.
At the moment we are not open to review self-published authors, unless we have read previous books by the requesting author, to which we've given positive reviews.

How to get your ARC to us

We have netgalley and edelweiss accounts, so if your ARC is there, the easiest way would be to make it available to us. 
Our edelweiss account is associated to the blog's email, our netgalley accounts, however, are individual, so please contact us through the blog's email for further information.
If you are a self-published author or an author associated with a publisher whose previous books we've read, reviewed, and enjoyed, and you want us to review your new book, please contact us through the blog's email: 

ARC formats we accept

We accept ARCs in several formats, such as e-galleys (epub, mobi, pdf) or print/bound ARCs.
Please note we prefer non-DRM. We are two reviewers and we would have to be able to share the ARC with each other.

Where we post our reviews

We will post our reviews on our blog, on our Tumblr, on our twitter, on our Facebook and G+ pages, as well as on our individual Goodreads and Booklikes accounts. If it is so requested, we will also post on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Bear in mind that we reserve the right to decline reading/reviewing an ARC

We also post honest reviews, they may be more or less professional (usually less, because we prefer posting sincere and unaffected reviews). Since our reviews are honest, they may contain criticism, but if that happens it will be of the constructive sort.

For review and book tour requests please contact us

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